Anonymity and Projected Identity

The primary concept that jumps out at me as being changed is the idea of identity.   With technology as widely-available and accessible as it is today, anyone can use the internet in any place at any time.  At a universal level of user identity, this technology is no longer solely for tech nerds, people who are literate in code, or computer scientists.  At a more personal level, anybody can create an identity for his or her self in the virtual world.  Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to project a specific sort of identity for the user, one which may or may not be true to life.  Additionally, people often have multiple social media accounts, multiple blogs, or multiple email addresses that they can use as a way to compartmentalize different elements of their identity.  Other platforms, such as reddit, are designed so that the user can be, if they choose, completely anonymous.  Platforms  such as these require us to re-think the meaning of a full, comprehensive identity on digital platforms, as well as what it means to be anonymous.