The Unending Conversation of Studentkind

In my video, I attempted to show how the Burkean Parlor becomes an analogy for E110 level research papers. Here is what I came up with:

I created the video using the “screen capture” setting in Quicktime, and then I edited it and added sound in iMovie.

One thought on “The Unending Conversation of Studentkind”

  1. Heather I really enjoyed your video. It is an clear, concise and coherent piece with excellent screen capture editing.
    I wonder what you meant to indicate when you show the research article “The Glass Escalator: Hidden Advantages for Men”.

    My question is not about the title/the content of the reference article in the video. What I thought you might try to convey is that a single idea, expanded into sentences (i.e. class discussion) and in the end we formed our own theory (like a research paper). So is this “gradual change from single point to a complete entire entity” fitting into your theme?

    I don’t know whether you edited on purpose or not, but the typing audio track’s volume at the end is increasing, giving me a very powerful impression.


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