2 thoughts on “Water Knows the Answer”

  1. Hi Guys, I encountered the similar iMovie issue, that I was working on this video on Monday and the Mac I was using played a cruel joke “iMovie quit unexpectedly”. So all the video events were lost for good.

    My video was inspired by a chemistry class I had before. This theory “Quantum Energy Field” was questioned and tested by many scientists but people reached a general consensus of its the core philosophy: the universe consists of many quantum energy fields and all things are constantly emitting energy information.

  2. From all the researches and articles I looked through during making this video, two ideas dawned on me:
    1. How could psychological health and life attitude differentiate people who curses as their habit(don’t take offense because we all curse many many times but that is not necessarily our habit) , from those who are better cultured to be polite, gentle and considerate?

    ** Then what about environment? If we live in an environment where one is surrounded by criminals, drug dealers, family abusers, where one can constantly hear vulgarities—how could that affects this person’s H2O molecular structure, and therefore impact his life?

    2. This theory casts some doubt, for example:
    Crystallized water(ice) molecules are floating and never really formed into identical shapes (that might be why we say two snowflakes aren’t the same), so the only reason is the air vibration from pronunciation caused ice molecules floating differently. However, how could positive and negative words causing the vibration so drastic, that the shape of ice molecule structures are completely opposite in aesthetic appearance?
    Other videos and web articles dragged this quantum energy field theory into religion, trying to explain how to unit different religious beliefs into a harmonious system. Well I personally found it is not seemingly useful.

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