x5: Virtual 685

As an academic, one thing I’ve grown good at is self-rationalization. Not to mention an ironic self-awareness of my efforts at self-rationalization. It is thus with full and ironic self-awareness that I propose turning a problem into an interesting experiment in the issues we are considering in this course.

Next week I’ll be at the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) in Indianapolis. Yes, I will not be teaching my writing classes so I can go talk about teaching writing with other writing teachers who are also skipping their classes. And so, while we won’t be able to meet as a group (at least not with me in the room), I think this could be an interesting occasion to see if we can continue our work together online.

I propose doing so in three stages.

  1. Tues, 3/18, 11:59 pm: Read and respond to the first section of Lawrence Lessig’s Remix, “Cultures” (pp. 1–114). Consider this  a free response—that is, you can use any (or none) of the affordances of digital media in your work.  Your goal should simply be, as always, to provoke thought and response from your classmates.
  2. Thurs, 3/20, 11:59 pm: Post comments to several x5s.
  3. Thurs, 3/20, and Fri, 3/21: Log in as many times you can to both our class twitter feed (#685dw) and the CCCC feed (#4C14).  I will try to tweet as much as I can from the conference (although I’m not used to doing so, and thus can’t make too many promises). You should try to participate as meaningfully as you can in these feeds—either by retweeting or replying to #4C14, and/or commenting on what you see there on the  #685dw.

Let’s see what happens!


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