Responses to drafts

By this point in the semester you’ve had the chance to form a sense of the projects most of the other members of this seminar are developing—the issues they’re dealing with, their aims in writing about them, the materials they’re working with. Your task now  is to write each other more focused and detailed advice toward revising the full draft of your digital essays. I’d like this response to be in two parts:

First, write the author a note in which you:

  • Define what you see as their project in writing. What’s their topic and slant?
  • Note what is working especially well in the piece. What should they make sure to keep or expand?
  • Try to describe one or two things (no more!) that you feel the author could work on to take their essay to the next level.This is a moment for big advice, not small criticisms.
  • Respond to any specific questions the author raised in their cover memo.

Address the author by name and sign yours.

Second, please point to at least ten specific moments in the text that the author might add to, delete, rework, reformat, or fix what they’ve written. These issues may be finesse points, or they may relate to the ideas for revising that you pointed to in your note. Use the attached form to keep track of your suggestions. (You can simply type in your note to the author at the top of the document.)

Please post your responses by Thurs, 5/01, at 4:00 pm. (This will allow authors time to review the comments on their drafts.)

Then, for our workshop next Friday morning:

  • Authors: Please print out the responses to your draft, read through them, and bring them with you to class.
  • Readers: Please print out one copy of each of your responses to your group members and bring them with you.

Good luck!

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