Close Encounters, First Draft

Dear Groundhogs

Here’s my first draft:

This is not  a linear essay, you can start in any circle that you wish. The very last word of each post is linked to another post, if you follow them you could have a circular reading of the whole thing. Still you do not have to follow them in order. I’m trying to create interconnected but independent sections about our book-to-ebook transitional phase and our probable encounters in the near future with native digital generations who will not recognize printed books as a part of their formation any more .

I’m still struggling with the format, I’m not sure if it’s working for this content. I have not decided about the amount of hyperlinks to include,  and also videos and images. I’m thinking about minimizing hyperlinks in one post, in order to stimulate the experience of reading a printed book, and  overusing them in one particular section, to stimulate the experience of reading an ebook . Could it be a good idea?

I’m also working on more resources about digital generations, hope to reach a deeper insight into the subject.I appreciate any new ideas or suggestions for its intellectual aspect.



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