x11: New digital writings

In this assignment, I’d like you to add to our stock of new and interesting work on writing in a digital age.

Please provide us with a link to a text that you feel will interest and contribute to the work of the other writers and teachers in this seminar. Let me suggest the following possibilities:

  • A model digital text: Something you had in either the front or back of your mind as you were working on your digital essay, a text that you feel offers possibilities of form and expression that might interest the rest of us.
  • A comment on writing in a digital age: A piece —either online or in print—that has offered you an insight into the sort of work you’d like to do in your digital essay.
  • Anything (digital) else: A digital text that has somehow grabbed your attention, and that you’d like to bring to ours.

In the body of your post, please help us read the text you are bringing to us, to notice what you value in it. Be ready to guide us through the text next week and to point to what you find most interesting or compelling in it.

Deadline: Tues, 5/06, 11:59 pm. Please use x11 as your category. And please try to read and comment on several of the these text by Thurs, 5/08.


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