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The Sign

New Year is a relative concept, not the same reality for all. The signs of its arrival would be different according to each individual perceiver’s nostalgic memories.


Sainted Dead and Holy Relics: Manifestations of Catholicism in the Confederate Lost Cause

Apologies for my lateness, friends– I forgot how clunky iMovie is  and it ended up taking me far longer than I expected to sort my settings out.

Essentially, my video tries to give a (very) bare-bones explanation of a paper I’m giving in a few weeks about how the Religion of the Lost Cause deviated from the Protestant values and structures of its traditional Southern heritage and moved into the territory of Catholic ritual in its efforts to remember and memorialize the dead and the cause.

Here is my video–> Sainted Dead and Holy Relics

Here’s my abstract for the paper as well, should anyone need more in-depth information! –> VicariAbstract


Concept in 60 (collab with Callie)

Although Callie just posted the link to the video we created together for class this week, I just wanted to add a few thoughts.

As champions of the medium, Callie and I wanted to explore the ways that changing the context and manner in which we watch TV can transform it into a productive form of social media—one in which we can participate consciously, actively, and thoughtfully.

Also, the song we chose is from a band named Boards of Canada, the Scottish brother duo whose music consistently draws from television elements: VHS-quality sounds and motifs, as well as actual sound clips from television shows from their childhood. The song’s title, “Constants Are Changing,” seems apropos for the project that Callie and I advocate, namely a shift in the way we think/talk about and use television!

What is Genre? (A Video, and a Beta Test)

Below is my “Concept in 60” on the problem of genre–really, the super-basic-est of issues at the heart of genre theory and genre studies and every other thing with “genre” in front of it. The nice thing about video is that it lets me draw (or show you, generally) the problem in a way that’s easy to understand.

Warning: it’s a bit quiet–I need to reconfigure the gain on my microphone.

The other reason this video exists is that I find the “watch while I draw with a sharpie” genre of educational Youtube videos to be both visually efficient, attractive, and pedagogically effective. So I’m beta-testing my ability to create these videos with only the equipment I have on hand (namely, a smartphone, 2 PCs and Audacity).