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Class, Fri, 4/25



Uncreative Writing

Goldsmith on Daily Show

Fastwrite: What technique or assignment from Kenneth Goldsmith might you borrow or adapt in your own teaching? Your own writing?To what ends? As always, try to ground your writing in a specific passage from the text.

Moment of Zen

The Apotheosis of Uncreative Writing: David Shields on Stephen Colbert


Workshopping Proto-Drafts

Spend about 20 minutes per project. Authors should walk readers through their projects, with the aim  of getting advice in response to specific questions.

Fastwrite: Write a quick draft of your cover memo for your first draft next Tuesday. Come up with a title for your project, a quick description of its form (and platform), a summary of your argument, and some questions you want to ask your readers.

First Drafts and Responses

To Do

  1. Tues, 4/29, 11:59 pm: Post your first draft with cover memo.
  2. Thurs, 5/01, 4:00 pm: Post responses to your group members’ drafts.
  3. Fri: 5/02, in class: Workshop first drafts.