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Class, Fri, 5/02

Draft One Workshops


Authors: Fastwrite: Read through the responses you’ve received to your essay. Formulate a plan: What part of your essay would you like to read and get further responses to?  What questions do you want to pose for your readers? (9:15–9:30)


Groups: Each essay gets 30 minutes. The task of each author is to direct her readers to a point in her piece that needs further work. The task of each reader is to offer a response that goes beyond what she has written. (9:30–11:30)

Revision Plans (11:30–12:00)

Write me an email in which you:

  1. Summarize your essay as it now stands, its strengths and problems;
  2. Summarize the responses you’ve received—in writing and in workshop—from your readers;
  3. Begin to draft a plan of revision: What will you cut? add? rethink? tweak?
  4. Ask me any questions that you’d like my help with.

I will send you an email in response—certainly by Thurs, 5/08, hopefully several days before. I will then reserve office hours for conferences from Mon, 5/12, through Thurs, 5/15.

To Do

  1. Tues, 5/06, 11:59 pm: Post x11 to this site.
  2. Thurs, 5/08, 11:59 pm: Post responses to x11.
  3. Fri: 5/09, in class: Be ready to talk about the new digital writing you are bringing to our attention.
  4. Fri, 5/09, in class: What help do you need in moving forward on your digital essay?