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Class, Fri, 2/14


Rewarding/Frustrating/Funny: Describe a recent experience you’ve had with writing online that fits one of those categories. Use this story to introduce yourself to the class.


Writing in a digital age

MachineUsingUsMichael Wesch, The Machine Is Us/ing Us

Near the end of his video essay, Wesch lists a number of terms and concepts he feels we’ll need to rethink in a digital age, including:

  • copyright
  • authorship
  • identity
  • ethics
  • aesthetics
  • rhetoric
  • privacy

Wesch composed and posted his essay in 2007. Pick one of the terms on his list and, in a fastwrite, see if you can point to some ways in which its meaning has shifted since then.

Aims and structure of this course

  • Rethink writing in a digital environment
  • Readings: Past, present, academic, teaching
  • Writings: Class blog and digital essay
  • Reading the schedule

Practical matters

  • Access to low-end digital photography, video, and audio
  • Deadlines, punctuality
  • Food
  • Laptops

x1: Responding to Baron

 Comments and tweets

Digital essaySelf Kafka's Wound

 Will Self, Kafka’s Wound (2012)


To do

  1. Tues, 2/18, 4:00 am: Read Baron. Post x1 to this site.
  2. Thurs, 2/20, 4:00 pm: Read x1s. Post comments to at least three.
  3. Thurs, 2/20, 4:00 pm: Tweet at least once to #685dw.
  4. Tues, 2/25,4:00 pm: Read Standage. Post x2 to this site.